REGISTER Representing the interest of 14 IPA’s, throughout South Africa

Our Vision

The Alliance of South African Independent Practitioners Associations (ASAIPA), intends to remain the most trusted, effective and the pre-eminent National Representative Network organisation for IPA’s in Southern Africa.


Dr. Unben Pillay – CEO

(ASAIPA Head Office, Pretoria)

Mr. Henru Krüger – COO

(ASAIPA Head Office, Pretoria)

Dr George Aldrich – Chairman

(Oranjemed IPA, Bloemfontein)

Dr. Mike Nicholas

(Western Cape IPA, Cape Town)


Charmaine Storm

P/A to CEO

Nellie Liebenberg


What makes ASAIPA unique:

  • ASAIPA has a national footprint in every province throughout South Africa.
  • ASAIPA is a voluntary association of members, and is legally registered as a non-profit organisation.
  • The membership of ASAIPA is via the IPA’s, and the healthcare professionals that are members of their local IPA’s exercise their control via their local IPA’s. ASAIPA is therefor managed from the bottom up.
  • ASAIPA is completely member funded, and therefor acts only in the best interest of its members and nobody else.
  • ASAIPA is one of the largest consumer branded networks of primary care practitioners in South Africa

1. What it is:

The Alliance of South Africa Independent Practitioners Association (ASAIPA) is a National Network and Representative Organisation, representing the interest of 14 IPA’s, throughout South Africa. This means that it serves the interests of and represents +/- 1120 Practitioners.

2. Where it is:

ASAIPA has a national footprint in every province throughout South Africa, with the bulk of its, membership, being in the interior of the country. The members practice in urban, suburban, township, semi-rural and rural areas and are all voluntary members of their IPA’s on an any willing provider basis.

3. How it is constituted:

ASAIPA has a constitution which establishes it as a legal persona in its own right and is a non-profit organisation. It may therefore not pay any surpluses’ to its members, but must use its income to attain its objectives and service its members.

4. How it is governed:

4.1 The membership of the IPA is by the IPA, not the individual. They are members of their IPA’s and exercise their control, via their IPA’s.
4.2 Apart from the member in the IPA, the highest authority is the Council of IPA Chairpersons, who decides on policy and direction.
4.3 The day to day running of ASAIPA is performed by the Executive Committee consisting of:

  • Dr Unben Pillay (CEO)

    ASAIPA Head Office
  • Dr George Aldrich (Chairman)

    Chairperson: Oranjemed IPA
  • Mr Henru Krüger (COO)

    ASAIPA Head Office
  • Dr Mike Nicholas

    Chairperson: Western Cape IPA

5. What it does:

ASAIPA represents its constituent IPA’s and their members in a wide variety of fields and endeavors including: - Legislative and Socio-political - Contracting and legal - Representation on a variety of Statutory and parastatal committees - Relationships with similar bodies - Wide ranging communications with Medical Schemes and 3rd party administrators - Communication with a wide of variety governmental and non-governmental bodies, as well as professional organisations.


The Alliance of South African Independent Practitioners Associations (ASAIPA), intends to remain the most trusted, effective and pre-eminent National Representative Network organisation for IPA’s in Southern Africa.


The Alliance of South African Independent Practitioner Associations (ASAIPA) will place the interest of the practitioners it serves, their patients and the IPA’s to whom they belong, before all else;

Assist it’s practitioners to deliver, ethical, quality, accessible and cost-effective healthcare to their patients, with the highest degree of caring and compassion, being ever mindful of our patients’ circumstances, dignity and vulnerability;

Promote the highest standards of healthcare based on national, international and evidence-based norms;

Assist the government, from the perspective of the private healthcare sector, to provide a basic healthcare service to all, but more particularly those persons belonging to previously disadvantaged groups and will enter into appropriate public-private enterprises as equal partners, in order to achieve this goal.

Promote continuous professional development amongst its service providers.
Create support systems, infrastructure and an environment in which its members IPA’s and their service providers can function optimally to their full potential in the service of their patients.
To foster and maintain the current excellent relationships that it has with all the role-players and stakeholders in the healthcare industry and to develop new ones to the benefit if it’s members.
Unequivocally support the aspirations and protect the interest and welfare of its IPA’s and their practitioners.
Maintain the respect and trust of those with whom it interacts in the healthcare industry, believing that this is the only credible basis for successful, long term, mutual relationships with other role players.
Negotiate mutually beneficial contracts with Funders and the other parties on behalf and to the advantage of itself, its’ constituent IPA’s, the practitioners and their patients.

ASAIPA is also particularly committed to seek unity and cooperation with similar, like-minded groups, who share its values and objectives and ASAIPA will promote the welfare and aspirations of such groups and their members, in all common initiatives.

Will scrutinize, comment upon and react appropriately, to all legislation, that impact upon its members.
Seek out and exploit all possible ventures with which it can sustain itself and/or bring added-value to its members.