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ASAIPA National Medical Awards 2018


We are proud to announce the first official ASAIPA National Medical Awards 2018

Established 2005 – ASAIPA’s vision is to represent the interests of its members, on all important and relevant forums, guiding the members with statutory and ethical requirements, and engaging with the funders/patients to ensure quality and effective healthcare.

What is the purpose of ASAIPA?

  • To unite all independent practitioners in private practice
  • To improve communication, interaction and the dissemination of information
  • To make practitioners more innovative and financially stronger

THE MISSION STATEMENT OF ASAIPA – Assist its practitioners to deliver, ethical, quality, accessible and cost-effective healthcare to their patients, with the highest degree of caring and compassion, being ever mindful of our patients’ circumstances, dignity and vulnerability.

Why the National Medical Awards?

“What we have seen in the Health Market Inquiry Provisional Report released, where it indicates that solo practices should be phased out and that practitioners should be employed, has just served to confirm that now more than ever, that independent primary healthcare practitioners in private practice needs to be recognized and promoted” – ASAIPA COO, Henru Krüger, noted when explaining the motivation behind the awards project.

The ASAIPA National Medical Awards has been created for just that, an honorary platform for Independent Private Health Practitioners to be selected as the national “Top Practitioner” in their respective categories & medical fields. It is therefore with great delight that we introduce you to the ASAIPA National Medical Awards, proudly brought to you by Granadilla Media. We will honour the Independent South African Medical Professionals for their hard work and dedication that makes them the champions of independent private practice.

As part of a national effort to recognise the collective contributions and strengthen the visibility of the country’s independent primary care practitioners, ASAIPA is convening an unprecedented multidisciplinary five-category National Medical Awards (NMA) evening based only on peer nominations.

And the Categories are!


  1. Practitioners contributing to independent private practice
  2. Recognition for embracing digital solutions to achieve better patient and business outcomes.
  3. Organisations, groups or individuals enhancing the medical profession’s standing in the community.
  4. Young practitioner’s recognition
  5. Achievement by colleagues in non-medical fields.

“Without a doubt these Awards are soon to be the industry’s most sought after accolade.” – Dr Unben Pillay