REGISTER Representing the interest of 14 IPA’s, throughout South Africa

Our purpose is to represent all primary healthcare practitioners in independent private practice to be part of a multi-disciplinary group and/or referral network of practitioners.

The Alliance of South Africa Independent Practitioners Association (ASAIPA) is a National Network and Representative Organisation, representing the interest of 14 IPA’s, throughout South Africa. This means that it serves the interests of and represents +/- 1120 Practitioners.

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Essential Medical Guidance

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Forum / Foundation: The IPA Forum was established in 2007 by ASAIPA in conjunction with the other major IPA Networks and Medscheme. The Forum still exists today, but only cooperates with Medscheme. However, due to a request from Bankmed in 2009, the 3 major IPA Networks (ASAIPA, SPNet, and SAMCC) founded a NPC, namely the IPA Foundation, who as a single body represents these 3 networks. GPMG has also since joined the Foundation.

Committees: ASAIPA sits on a number of Committees and also on the GP Private Practice Committee of SAMA.

Liaison: ASAIPA constantly liaises with other groups on matters of mutual concern, in order to once again establish the pre-eminent position of the Primary Care Practitioner in South Africa. Other organizations that are communicated with include: HPCSA, Council for Medical Schemes, BHF and various funders.

Assistance to its IPA’s: One of the main roles of ASAIPA is to assist and coordinate the activities of the IPA’s where needed. ASAIPA is truly run from the bottom up, as it is governed and controlled by its Council of Chairpersons of its 14 IPA’s, and the Chairpersons’ are again responsible to the members of their IPA’s.

Website: ASAIPA’s website has been completely redone by building on its past functionality and also adding all the latest technology to benefit ASAIPA’s management, members and the public even more. The look and feel has been thoroughly planned for optimum ease of use.

Dispensing: ASAIPA is an active member of the National Coalition on Dispensing (NCD). Dispensing licenses for example do now not need to be renewed annually as a result of the NCD’s continued actions.

NHI: ASAIPA is very active in this area, and is a member of a number of discussion groups that debate the issues and deliver inputs.

Peer Review: ASAIPA is a member of the Central Peer Review Committee of the IPA Foundation, and has already brought about changes in the way profiling is performed. This Committee is the only one of its kind in South Africa, and has vast knowledge and experience in practice profiling, peer management and review. The acceptance of the Committee by both funders and doctors underlines its independence and integrity.

Member Representation: ASAIPA has represented members at their enquiries with the HPCSA, and a variety of funders and other organizations. It has for the most part been successful, or has at least brought finality to the relevant issues. This is a direct consequence of the large membership of ASAIPA, that enables ASAIPA and its IPA’s to speak with authority.

Database: The Network Division of ASAIPA manages a most sophisticated database, on which all necessary details of its members are captured and stored. The database has the necessary flexibility to handle any enquiries and contains all the information of the contracts held, including all the contracts, signed by members, dispensing licenses, etc.

Assistance to members: Members have been assisted in a variety of ways, unrelated to representation or contracts. Members have also been assisted with interpretation of claim codes, balance billing, ICD-10 coding, locum licenses, administration of medicines by non-dispensing doctors and interpretations of various laws etc.

CPD: This is a function of each IPA, but ASAIPA actively assists the IPA’s with the infrastructure, administration and also boasts an online CPD portal. Especially in Gauteng the GGPF (Gauteng General Practitioners Forum) conference if hosted bi-annually every year at Gallagher Estates.

Doctors Desk Reference Book:

Under the able editorship of Dr. Mike Nicholas, and with the extremely generous support of Arctic Healthcare, ASAIPA was able to produce an elegant book for its members, containing important and very useful information that our members can use in their practices.


The Alliance of South African Independent Practitioner Associations represents its constituent Independent Practitioner Associations and their members in a wide variety of fields and endeavours.

General membership benefits:

  • Relevant member communication
  • Broad interaction with the Healthcare Industry
  • Contracting with all healthcare stakeholders
  • Assistance with healthcare management & governance
  • Legal assistance

Value added membership benefits:

  • Iemas member cooperative benefits
  • Access to Discovery’s complete suite of specialist financial services for professionals
  • Access to NHC Health Centres’s cash practice model and practice management system
  • Access to Health-Soft’s – e-Scripting, e-Pharmacopoeia (Medical and layman's), e-Medical illustration, e-Pill identification, e-Pathology (currently under development), and e-Time.
  • Access to Health-Worx’s fee-for-service practice model and practice management system o Access to Med-EDI – practice management, billing & switching
  • Access to GRID Express’s scheme claiming without IT responsibility
  • Access to practice funding and debt handling solutions from Preritus and Mettle
  • Access to Healthbridge’s full range of services

Practice resources:

  • Assistance with day to day practice management
  • Assistance with Continuing Professional Development
  • Procurement arrangements
  • Information & Communication Technology resources

Exclusive membership benefits:

  • Point of care machines
  • Online resources library and online access to the IPA News
  • Members enjoy exclusive marketing, patient communication, business, and recruitment / employment services options through NHC
  • Members enjoy exclusive advertising options with the IPA News
  • Free Doctors Desk Reference Book - an elegant book for members, containing important and very useful information to use in practice
  • Pre-approval of products and services indicated by the ASAIPA stamp of approval

ASAIPA is currently involved in the following projects to deliver primary healthcare solutions in South Africa:

National Healthcare

ASAIPA is of the opinion that national health can be delivered through public health initiatives like COPC, and ASAIPA is ready to be the key role player in mobilizing primary care practitioners to be the gate keepers in primary healthcare delivery. Talks have been had with NGO’s that do recruiting for the National Department of Health.

Accountable care

ASAIPA has a proven record in working together with the IPA Foundation in managing the cost effective and quality primary care its member doctors are delivering, by way of practice profiling and peer monitoring.


ASAIPA and its members are closely involved in various scheme funded networks established to deliver cost effective quality healthcare.

Independent Practitioners Associations

ASAIPA is looking into recruiting students to ensure succession planning in practices, involving allied health professionals in IPAs and promoting specialisation in family and public medicine. ASAIPA is also trying to address malpractice insurance issues, by way of engaging with the insurance industry and profession regulators on accreditation standards and protocols.

Community Oriented Care

ASAIPA is actively seeking involvement in COPC projects to establish the viability of private/public participation as well as to determine the sustainability of an inclusive affordable primary care model. Exploratory talks have already been had with funders, ICT companies, and Universities.