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The Alliance of SA IPA's (ASAIPA)

In ASAIPA independent practitioners form an alliance with other practitioners with similar interests in their area to mutually benefit from the union that they form locally and nationally.


ASAIPA helps Independent Practitioners

Our purpose is to represent all primary healthcare practitioners in independent private practice to be part of a multi-disciplinary group and/or referral network of practitioners.

The Alliance of South Africa Independent Practitioners Association (ASAIPA) is a National Network and Representative Organisation, representing the interest of 14 IPA’s, throughout South Africa. This means that it serves the interests of and represents +/- 1120 Practitioners. 

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Surely this is NOT in the best interests of patient-centred care…

ASAIPA together with the Unity Forum of FamilyPractitioners banner have joined other concernedpractitioner bodies such SAMA, IPAF, African Viral CareSociety (AVCS) and the SA Society of Obstetricians andGynaecologists with formal objections to…


NMA 2021

The ASAIPA National Medical Awards (NMA) have been created as a prestigious platform of honour for independent private health practitioners within South Africa. This prestige event is hosted annually by ASAIPA and once again will be made possible by the generosity of dedicated sponsors. There are five practitioner associations participating in the NMA, each association nominating and selecting its own candidate(s) internally.

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Our National Footprint

To stay connected and support one another, it is imperative that you join a local IPA that forms part of ASAIPA.

We strongly encourage all primary care practitioners and specialist associations to join and grow a broad referral network.

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