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ASAIPA is one of the largest consumer branded networks of primary care practitioners in South Africa, which has a national footprint in every province throughout South Africa.

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Who we help...

Membership of ASAIPA is via the IPA’s, and the healthcare professionals that are members of their local IPA’s exercise their control via their local IPA’s. ASAIPA is therefor managed from the bottom up.

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Our purpose is to represent all primary healthcare practitioners in independent private practice to be part of a multi-disciplinary group and/or referral network of practitioners.

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ASAIPA consisting of more or less 1120 independent General/Family practitioners and primary care providers in individual and/or group practice. Search our current members.

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Introducing ASAIPA and your local IPA

Why belong to your local IPA and in particular to ASAIPA?

Now, more than ever, especially with the proposed implementation of NHI, it is important to unite as Primary Care Practitioners, and speak with one voice.

The IPA movement fulfills this role, more particularly at a business level, where it plays the dominant role.
SAMA, with whom ASAIPA and its IPAs have a good working relationship, is more active on the socio-political front and does a good job. ASAIPA exclusively addresses the business needs and aspirations of Independent Practitioners.
Many of our members belong to both ASAIPA and SAMA, which in our opinion, is both prudent and prescient.

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ASAIPA has partnered with MPC to deliver to you the complete one-stop solution to all your CPD compliance needs FOR FREE.

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Health Staff Locum

Health Staff provides a recruitment service for Locum Medical Staff in all specialties and grades across South Africa

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Med Brief Africa

Med Brief Africa is the medical professionals go to source of medical market news.

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Essential Medical Guidance
Essential Medical Guidance

Free access to clinical guidelines, medicines and care coordination information for medical professionals in South Africa.

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Did you know that ASAIPA has an agreement with Iemas whereby they offer competitive financial products to you as an ASAIPA member?

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Cloud-based Clinical & Billing Software

Healthbridge helps medical professionals and their practices to get paid faster, provide better patient experiences & run good businesses.

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In recognition of independent practitioners
in private practice nominated by their peers


Perhaps ASAIPA’s greatest strength.

While it is extremely important that an Independent Practitioner should belong to a local/regional IPA, it is vital that these IPAs belong to a national body that provides a national footprint across the country. Ask the medical aids, the pharmaceutical companies and other bigger institutions out there. They want to deal with an organization with a national footprint, and not just a regional IPA.

Download our Doctor's Desk Reference Book

What ASAIPA & it's IPA's are busy with on behalf of their members:

ASAIPA sits on a number of Committees and is also represented on the GP Private Practice Committee of SAMA

  • Scrutiny of Legislation
  • Input into Legislation
  • Contracts
  • Forum/Foundation
  • Practice Costs
  • Peer Review
  • Liaison
  • Member Representation
  • Assistance to its IPA's
  • Committees
  • Dispensing
  • CPD infrastructure
  • NHI
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ASAIPA and its members are closely involved in various scheme funded networks established to deliver cost effective quality healthcare.

Our Vision

Everything that ASAIPA does, it does only for and on behalf of its members and no one else. It believes very strongly that it is vital that the Independent Practitioner is strongly and aggressively represented in the market place and that his/her profession should be protected at all costs, as should be the rights and welfare of our member’s patients.

However, to be successful we need to be a strong and nationally representative organization that has the firm support and backing of its members. Our strength lies in our numbers and your committed support.


The typical IPA encompasses all specialties, but an IPA can be solely for primary care or may be single specialty.

No Practitioner, either in solo practice or in a partnership practice, has the time, the knowledge, the skills, the know-how, or the business acumen to deal with the issues that ASAIPA is dealing with on a daily basis. These encompass items such as contracts, medical aids, threats and legislation from the government, etc. A non-aligned Practitioners is thus very, very isolated in these trying times.

Our News & Notice Board

Read our latest news from ASAIPA & local IPA's or general medical news.
Feel free to ask questions in comments for any news you find interesting.

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Read our latest news from ASAIPA & local IPA's or general medical news.
Feel free to ask questions in comments for any news you find interesting.