Health Reimagined

BrandMed is a leading connected healthcare company that brings together a group of healthcare professionals, tech developers, business people, and security specialists who are passionate about reimagining the treatment of Non-Communicable Diseases; and creating a healthcare industry that is integrated, personalised, predictive, patient-centric and outcomes-based.

In the interest of best practice management of hypertension, BrandMed brings you the Smart24 ABPM solution at a special discount. Please see attached for details.

Home Monitoring

KardioFit is a revolutionary holistic home monitoring patient support and automated disease management solution, designed for those with hypertension, diabetes, asthma, COPD and obesity. Using smart, connected devices, KardioFit offers patients personalised digital guidance (move, nourish, heal), telehealth access to care professional and a link to emergency care, all on their mobile device, in the palm of their hand.

Syntro-P Wellbeing

Syntro-P Wellbeing is a first-of-its kind prescribed comprehensive, science-based, virtual lifestyle programme for people with chronic conditions. We have brought together a team of leading SA health and wellness experts, and have curated a fully integrated, science-based, affordable virtual lifestyle programme. This revolutionary programme provides dietary guidelines, exercise routines, breath control, life skills and coaching to enhance the quality of life for individuals diagnosed with NCDs.

Practice Solutions in Partnership

Added services focused on practice cost savings.

Smart24 ABPM

In line with the latest 2021 European Society of Hypertension practice guidelines for the measurement and management of hypertension, the Smart24 is a simple, comfortable and portable device that accurately takes readings every 30-60 minutes over a 24-hour period and links the patient’s average blood pressure to risk of cardiovascular disease.

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