Do not take ear infection in adults lightly, know the reasons.

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Though ear infection is mostly seen in kids, adults until the age of 35 – 40 often complain of drainage of fluid from the ear or severe pain. The infection affects the middle ear, which is an air-filled space behind the ear drum that contains three tiny vibrating bones that transfer sound waves to the brain. 

The cochlea that controls the balance of the body too is in the middle ear. Children are more likely to get infection in this area than adults.  

Standing in the mist or rain, drinking cold water or getting exposed to cold wind or taking a dip in a pond or a river may cause cold, fever, sneezing or tonsillitis. These may further lead to draining of fluid from the ear or infection.  

Dental diseases or nose infections too could cause infection and pain in the ears. On the first few days you may notice fluid draining from your ear; it would then be followed by thick puss that has a foul odour and severe headache as well.  

In children, ear infections happen until they are 16 or 17 years. Meanwhile, in adults, it mostly happens when they take a shower immediately after they have come in from the sun or when water goes inside their ears.


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