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Altron FinTech offers answers to problems that every industry faces in conducting FinTech business. Bringing FinTech solutions to the healthcare sector and helping hospitals and practices to reduce their FinTech complexity in the payments and collection space, which are the sole focuses of our dedicated Healthcare solutions team.

In order to cater to the everchanging healthcare industry and assist with the FinTech future it is evolving into, our healthcare solutions team endeavours to bring debit order solutions, managed payment solutions and terminal hardware that provides simplicity and ease to a practice in need of payment solutions. When it comes to the financial solutions required by medical professionals, whether they be payment-related, hardware- or software-related, this innovative team aspires to be the undisputed market leader.

  • Authenticated debit orders in your practice
  • Various payment methods available to patients
  • Use of a single terminal for both your debit orders and credit card transactions
  • Increased monthly cashflow to the practice with debit orders & payment solutions offered to patients
  • Secure and simple payment methods provided

Save time and don’t bother with the hassle of following up with patients to collect payments each month. Instead, switching to Altron FinTech payment and collection solutions can increase the cash flow of your practice and give you peace of mind because they are safe, simple, and practical for both you and your patients.

Having a variety of payment options available gives your patients the freedom to receive the care they need while reducing the administrative burden of following up on unpaid bills!

Save time and increase cashflow, schedule a meeting with a member of our healthcare solutions team today.

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