National Medical Awards 2019

In recognition of independent practitioners in private practice nominated by their peers

ASAIPA National Medical Awards 2019

You are cordially invited to the 2nd Annual National Medical Awards 2019

The ASAIPA National Medical Awards has been created as an honorary platform for Independent Private Health Practitioners to put their best foot forward and to be selected as the national “Top Practitioner” in their respective categories & medical fields.

Dress Code

Horse Race Attire

Together with the crazy socks for #CrazySocks4Docs campaign in South Africa – a drive to raise awareness and give moral support to medical and health professionals battling with mental health issues by reminding them that they are not alone.


Cold Starter:

Heirloom Tomato Tart with Feta Cream and Basil Oil (V)

Plated Mains:

Salmon Fillet with Wilted Spinach, Sundried Tomato Butter Sauce, Basil Mashed Potato and Confit Leeks


Vanilla Crème Brule, Berry Coulis &amb; Almond Biscotti

"Without a doubt these Awards are soon to be the industry’s most sought after accolade."
Dr Unben Pillay

Award Categories

Added services focused on practice cost savings.

1. Practitioners contributing to independent private practice:

  • Long service award to clinical medicine.
  • Clinically outstanding peer review candidate for all schemes.
  • Community development projects.
  • Association development and liaison committing to private practice perseverance.
  • News makers, local or international, in the field of medicine or otherwise as recognised by the press.
  • Innovations, inventions or any developments by colleagues contributing to private practice.
  • Outstanding publications, academic or otherwise, by a practising colleague i.e. articles, books, novels etc.

2. Recognition for embracing digital solutions to achieve better patient and business outcomes:

  • Family practitioners utilising cloud-based solutions for clinical medicine and/or practice management for the majority of their practice processes.
  • Pioneering individuals with stories of better patient experiences delivered through digital applications.

3. Organisations, groups or individuals enhancing the medical profession’s standing in the community:

  • Examples like Doctors without Borders, medical reporters, emergency services, transplant teams, Da Vinci machines operators etc.

4. Young practitioner’s recognition

  • Outstanding medical student academically and/or otherwise.
  • Leadership shown.

5. Achievement by colleagues in non-medical fields

  • Sportsmen, business etc.



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