ASAIPA National Medical Student Awards 2021

We are calling all Medical Students to the frontline.​

It is time to celebrate our upcoming heroes who have made sacrifices to pursue their studies in medicine. In the last year, we’ve witnessed the unwavering bravery and strength displayed by South Africa’s future healthcare practitioners.

The Alliance of South Africa Independent Practitioners Association (ASAIPA) is a National Network and Representative Organisation, representing the interest of 14 IPA’s, throughout South Africa. ASAIPA`s purpose is to represent all primary healthcare practitioners as well as young professionals within the independent private practice to be part of a multi-disciplinary group and/or referral network of practitioners. We strongly encourage all Medical Students to join our ASAIPA Family and become part of a broad network, reaching all corners of South Africa.

The ASAIPA National Medical Awards have been created as an honorary platform for Independent Private Health Practitioners. This prestige event is hosted by ASAIPA each year. It is ASAIPA`s ambition to encourage all Medical Students, to continue to make a difference in the world and to recognise many of these individuals for their selfless sacrifice made during the surge of the coronavirus pandemic and their studies.

The ASAIPA National Medical Students Awards will be open for all Final Year Medical Students within South Africa. This campaign will allow  Final Year Medical Students to nominate themselves or be nominated by their peers for a life-changing opportunity. All the nominees will have the chance to share their story and reason why they deserve this award in a 3min featured Video, which will also be shared onto our ASAIPA Youtube Talk Channel.

The ASAIPA National Medical Students Awards 2021 is a prestige Award where we as an Association identify South Africa`s Top Medical Student.

Top 5 Medical Students

Nomination Criteria:

  •  Academics
  • Community Service
  • Leadership
  1. Each Medical Student must be enrolled as a Final Year Medical Student in the year 2021 at a University within South Africa (Students Numbers provided will be verified).
  1. The Selection Committee expresses a strong desire to see your involvement within your immediate community. The suitable candidate for this Award will be evaluated on all platforms, evaluating their leadership involvement at University, as well as their academic reports.
  1. The Selection Committee requests all nominees to submit their Accumulative Academic Records. Academic Records will be evaluated as one of the fields when selection takes place.
Kindly take note that the ASAIPA National Medical Award is a prestige Award and will for the first time in 2021 be awarded to the Top 5 Medical Student within South Africa. ASAIPA is searching for a Final Year Medical Student, passionate about medicine and passionate to make a difference.
  1. Fill in the form below with all personal information, as requested.
  1. Submit a short Bio of yourself together with your 3min Video where your explain why you will be a perfect candidate and/or explain why the person you are nominating will be a perfect candidate to be awarded with this prestige Award.
  1. Submit your Academic Records.

Kindly take note that all submission will be closed on the 1st October 2021. The Top 10 Nominees will be contacted on the 4th October 2021 to appear before the ASAIPA Selection Panel on the

5th October 2021 via a Microsoft Teams Meeting Interview. If you are one of the Top 10 Nominees you will appear before the selection team and be asked questions based upon your submission.

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