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Mediation Help Desk

ASAIPA’s Virtual Mediation Help Desk supports members in resolving healthcare disputes, including Section 59 Fraud, Waste, and Abuse claw-back issues, ensuring well-being for providers and patients.



At ASAIPA, we are committed to keeping our members informed about the latest developments, trends, and opportunities in the medical field.


Young Drs Accociation

Collaborate with us as a corporate partner, sponsor,
or community organisation. Together, we can achieve greater impact and transform
more lives.


Services and Benefits

Easing the administrative load of your practice

• Assisting members with all registrations at the Health
Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

• Assisting members with their CPD compliance and
verification at the Health Professions Council (HPCSA).

• Assisting member with application and renewal for their
Dispensing License at the Department of Health (DOH).

• Assisting members with their application for practice
number at Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF).

Practice Resources: Providing tools, templates, and resources to help you streamline practice management tasks, navigate regulatory requirements, and optimise the efficiency of your practice operations.

Voice in Policy: Representation and advocacy on behalf of our members’ interests at local, regional, and national levels, influencing healthcare policy and legislation to address issues that impact your practice and patient care.

Public Awareness Campaigns: Participation in public health initiatives, awareness campaigns, and community outreach programs to raise awareness about important health issues and promote preventive care within your community.

Legal and Regulatory Guidance: Expert advice and updates on healthcare laws, regulations, and compliance standards, helping you navigate the complex legal landscape of healthcare and mitigate potential risks to your practice.

Mediation Help Desk

At ASAIPA, we understand that disputes and conflicts can arise in the healthcare environment, affecting the well-being of both providers and patients. That’s why we offer all members a dedicated Virtual Mediation Help Desk to provide support and assistance to our members in resolving conflicts effectively and efficiently on all Section 59 Fraud Waste and Abuse claw-back matters instituted against our members by all medical aids.

Guiding Healthcare Providers to Fair Resolutions

Confidential Mediation Services: Our trained mediators offer confidential and impartial mediation services to help parties involved in a dispute find mutually acceptable solutions. Neutral Facilitation: Our mediators act as neutral facilitators, guiding the parties through constructive dialogue and negotiation to reach a resolution that meets the interests of all stakeholders.

Customised Solutions: We tailor our mediation approach to the unique needs and circumstances of each case, ensuring that the process is fair, respectful, and focused on finding practical solutions.

Mediation Coaching and Support: We provide coaching and support to individuals and groups involved in mediation, helping them prepare for sessions, manage emotions, and communicate effectively to achieve a positive outcome.

Timerly Resolution

Mediation offers a faster and more efficient way to resolve disputes compared to traditional legal processes, helping parties reach agreements in a timely manner and avoid prolonged conflicts.

Preservation of Relationships

Mediation promotes open communication and collaboration between parties, preserving relationships and minimising the negative impact of conflicts on professional dynamics and patient care


Mediation is often more cost-effective than litigation, saving parties time, money, and resources that would otherwise be spent on legal fees and court proceedings.

Empowerment and Ownership

Mediation empowers parties to actively participate in the resolution process and take ownership of the outcomes, leading to greater satisfaction and buy-in with the final agreements.


Mediation Proceedings are confidential, providing a safe and private environment for parties to discuss sensitive issues and explore solutions without fear of public exposure.

Request Assistance: Submit your request for assistance on our online platform.

Intake and Assessment: Our mediators will conduct an initial intake and assessment to understand the nature of the dispute and determine the suitability for mediation.

Completion and Signature of Third-Party Consent Form: After assessment has been completed one of our mediators will be in contact to request signature of our third-party consent form enabling our mediators to communicate to all third parties as representative in the specific matter.

Mediator Communication to Third-Party: One of our mediators will directly to the third party with a first communication letter. This letter will be an introduction where a virtual meeting will be requested to address the matter.

Mediation Session: If mediation is deemed appropriate, our mediators will facilitate a virtual mediation session with the parties involved, guiding them through the process of constructive dialogue and negotiation.

Resolution and Follow-Up: Upon reaching a mutually acceptable agreement, our mediators will assist parties in documenting the terms of the agreement and provide follow-up support as needed to ensure compliance and implementation.


At ASAIPA, we are committed to keeping our members informed about the latest developments, trends,
and opportunities in the medical field. Our newsletter is designed to provide you with valuable information, resources, and insights to support your professional growth and enhance your practice.

News4U articles can be retrieve on ASAIPA website on this link for upload of all articles please. We issue one News4U per month which will be provide monthly.

Young Doctors Accociation

The ASAIPA Young Doctors Association (AYDA) stands as a beacon for the aspirations and concerns of
burgeoning medical practitioners in South Africa. With a mission to empower, advocate, and support the
next generation of healthcare providers, AYDA plays a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of healthcare
delivery and policy in the nation. This write-up delves into the multifaceted endeavors of AYDA in representing the interests of young medical professionals across South Africa.

At the core of AYDA’s mandate lies the advocacy for the
rights, welfare, and professional interests of young medical
professionals. Through strategic engagement with
policymakers, healthcare institutions, and regulatory bodies,
AYDA articulates the unique challenges faced by young
practitioners and strives to effectuate tangible solutions.
Whether it be addressing issues of workplace conditions, career advancement opportunities, or access to quality education and training, AYDA serves as a vocal advocate for its members, ensuring their voices are heard at all levels of decision-making.

Recognising the importance of continuous learning and skill enhancement, AYDA spearheads initiatives aimed at fostering the professional growth of its members. From organising workshops, seminars, and conferences to facilitating mentorship programs and networking opportunities, AYDA provides a conducive platform for young medical professionals to broaden their knowledge base, hone their clinical skills, and forge meaningful connections within the healthcare community. By nurturing talent and fostering a culture of lifelong learning, AYDA equips its members with the tools and resources necessary to thrive in their respective fields. 

Beyond the confines of clinical practice, AYDA is committed to
making a positive impact on the broader community through
various public health initiatives and outreach programs.
Whether it be raising awareness about prevalent health issues,
advocating for health equity and access to care, or actively
participating in community service projects, AYDA exemplifies
the altruistic spirit inherent to the medical profession.
By leveraging the collective expertise and compassion of
its members, AYDA endeavors to address societal health
challenges and contribute towards building a healthier,
more resilient nation.

AYDA recognises that meaningful change often necessitates
collaborative efforts and partnerships with like-minded
organisations and stakeholders. Through strategic alliances
with medical associations, academic institutions, government
agencies, and non-profit organizations, AYDA amplifies
its advocacy efforts, expands its reach, and maximises its
impact. By fostering a spirit of collaboration and cooperation,
AYDA cultivates synergistic relationships that facilitate the
achievement of shared goals and objectives for the betterment
of healthcare in South Africa.

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