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Summit Information

The Smart Health Summit Conference is a premier event dedicated to exploring cutting-edge advancements in health technology, digital health solutions, and patient care.

National Medical Awards (NMA)

Our mission is to drive collaboration and inspire progress in the healthcare sector, ultimately improving patient outcomes and transforming healthcare delivery.

Summit Information

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, the Smart Health Africa Summit emerges as a pivotal hub for thought leadership in digital healthcare within the region. Bringing together over 200 influential decision-makers from across Africa, this summit signifies a strategic opportunity in a market witnessing a substantial uptick in technology investments. With the global Digital Health Market projected to reach $549.7 billion by 2028, it offers an unparalleled chance to leverage emerging trends and shape the perspectives of crucial industry stakeholders. Each theme will be discussed and debated by expert global, regional and local speakers and panellists.

In 2024 we see an upsurge in the adoption of technology in 5 key healthcare areas including mental health, surgery, women and child health, home-based care and rehabilitation and sustainable healthcare access. The summit will explore the key technologies as well as discuss the gaps in the provision of efficient and effective patient care and how digital solutions can bridge the divide. Connect With Who Matters Most
Smart Health Africa is your premier annual digital health event. In 2024, our primary objective is to harness technology to enable access for the delivery of efficient and timely healthcare services to communities across the African continent. It’s a unique gathering of top pan-African Medical Professionals, healthcare organisations, government agencies and cutting-edge technology providers convening in one location for two days. Our event provides a platform for sharing insights, fostering collaboration, driving innovation, ideation, and, most importantly, establishing meaningful connections to drive the digital healthcare agenda forward.

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National Medical Awards (NMA)

The Smart Health National Medical Awards (NMA) have been established as a prestigious platform to honour independent private health practitioners across South Africa. Hosted annually by ASAIPA, this esteemed event is made possible through the generous support of dedicated sponsors.

Five practitioner associations are actively involved in the NMA, with each association internally nominating and selecting its candidate(s).

Awards Cartegories

This prestigious award is given to an individual who has made, and continues to make, an outstanding contribution to improving health and healthcare for all South Africans. An individual who has given a productive lifetime of distinguished service to medicine.

Dr. Visser had an illustrious career as an IPA leader in South Africa. He worked as a gynaecologist in Bloemfontein, and it was during this time that he became interested in the welfare of family practitioners in private practice. 

He was CEO of Asaipa after starting the alliance with a few national leaders in 2006. It soon grew to have 2000 members and had the biggest national footprint of all the IPA’s in South Africa. He later co- formed the IPA Foundation with the SAMCC, ASAIPA, SPNet and CPC Qualicare and became its first CEO. Dr. Visser was an innovative and industrious leader in the healthcare industry and was widely respected by all his peers and all key opinion leaders in South African healthcare.

This award recognises private practice practitioners contributing significantly to improving Primary Health Care (PHC) delivery.

This award recognizes organizations, groups or individuals, who exemplifies the qualities of dedicated leadership, to inspire impactful solutions within South Africa’s healthcare system that positively affect both patients and colleagues.

This is awarded to pioneers, innovators and influencers advancing Digital Healthcare in South Africa.

This award is given to an organisation, group or individual dedicating their time, skill and expertise to assist community advancement by making a positive effect on the health and wellbeing of the community.

This award is given to a Health Science student each year for exemplary dedication, commitment and leadership.

This award recognises final year students within South Africa who excelled in Academics, Leadership and their passion for serving in the community.

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