How worried should parents be about hepatitis in children?

These cases, while concerning, are still rare. Parents should not be overly concerned about their children socializing or attending school, according to experts.

Parents should contact their child’s pediatrician if they cannot keep fluids down or if any of their cold or flu-like symptoms do not get better. Parents should also alert their pediatrician if there are signs of dark urine, light-colored stool, or jaundice.

At this time, there is no link between the hepatitis outbreaks and Covid-19.

How can parents keep their kids protected from hepatitis?

Because the cause of hepatitis is still under investigation, it is difficult to say how best to prevent it. But experts believe that if it is because of the adenovirus, that typical cold and flu prevention would be the most helpful strategies.

“We make the usual recommendations — good hand hygiene, stay away from anyone who you think may be ill for other reasons, etc. Other than that, there is nothing specific we can say,” said Schaffner.