How to manage ADHD these holidays

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Manage the family

Holidays usually see the entire family spending time together, which may lead to tension among adults (and children) with ADHD. The lack of structure, schedule and stimulation combined with a full house can cause mood swings in individuals with ADHD. You need to find the balance between keeping busy and having some quiet time.


Rely on routine

Adults with ADHD thrive on routine because it prevents impulsivity. Without work, school runs and regular mealtimes, holidays can quickly become unstructured. Stick to a routine where ever you can – for example, keep dinner and bed times as regular as possible for the entire family.


Limit screen time

It may be tempting to use your free time mindlessly playing video games or binge-watching TV. But too much screen time is not beneficial for someone with ADHD – it can lead to irritability and restlessness, and can even become addictive.


Don’t stop exercising

Exercise is especially important to help keep symptoms of ADHD in check – it can lower stress, decrease frustration and improve focus. If you have ADHD, make a point of maintaining regular levels of exercise throughout the holidays to keep impulsivity, hyperactivity and inattention under control. It can be as simple as a walk in the evening with the family. And don’t abandon healthy eating habits either – always keep a healthy balance.


Keep taking your medication

Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you can stop taking your medication. If you don’t manage your ADHD, you put yourself at risk of overeating, excessive drinking and smoking, and irritability and aggression. – Health 24

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