REGISTER Representing the interest of 14 IPA’s, throughout South Africa

An independent practice association (or IPA) is an association of independent practitioners.

  • The typical IPA encompasses all specialties, but an IPA can be solely for primary care or may be single specialty.
  • Practitioners retain their practice's independent corporate status but become part of a separate organisation with other practices, to enable them to contract as a group to provide services to funders
  • Many independent practitioners don't want to give up control to a larger entity, but want the benefits of a larger organisation.
  • Many see an IPA as a tool to protect independence, income and lifestyle.
  • Going it alone is becoming increasingly more difficult.
  • Participating members have an investment in their own future that can leverage the collective power of all the practices.
  • Patients can be recruited /retained by simplifying access for funders and patients.
  • Practice costs can be reduced.
  • The operating cost for network management can be shared.
  • It allows members to set their own standards of care within the framework of funder expectation.
  • It can establish the IPA as a “branded” healthcare service.

The cost of not choosing to join an IPA:

  • Left out of contracts
  • Loss of patients to existing networks
  • Declining revenues
  • Increasing costs related to data collection and use
  • Acceptance of any terms of remuneration that are offered
  • Practice value is diminished

FROM: Lund-Byrne Associates - Independent Practice Associations Pros and Cons

Q: Has the role changed from what IPAs did in the past?

A: “IPAs are not just a contracting entity as in the past. They have emerged as a supportive organization to bring structure and tools to small/solo offices so they can participate in coordinated care, which is the future of medicine. The effort is to bring added value to the practicing physician that facilitates the care of his or her patients, and fulfil the care-management and reporting obligations that could otherwise be too burdensome.”

FROM: Family practitioner Steven Davis, medical director of Torrance, Calif.-based HealthCare Partners, IPA.

Local IPA's associated with ASAIPA

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Shanaze Ghood

Cell: 082 579 7391

PR TEL NR: 012-375 5028

PR FAX NR: 012-374-2937


Postal Address: PO Box 13418, Laudium, 0037

Physical Address: Number 3 32nd Avenue, Laudium 0037

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South West Gauteng

Faruk Saloojee (MF)

Cell: 082 852 2941

PR TEL NR: 011-412-4528

PR FAX NR: 011-693-2992


Postal Address: PO Box 9082, Azaadville, 1750

Physical Address: 29 Village Rd, 29 Village Rd, Johannesburg 1759

Contact IPA


Lindie Shange (LM)

Cell: 082 852 2941

PR TEL NR: 074 123 8204

PR FAX NR: 086 672 3751


Postal Address: PO Box 343, Atteridgeville, 0006

Physical Address: 85 Komane Street, Atteridgeville, Johannesburg 0008

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Eastern Gauteng

Wessel Neuhoff (WJW)

Cell: 083 377 6603

PR TEL NR: 011-811-5780

PR FAX NR: 011-811-2881


Fax to email: 0822392552

Postal Address: PO Box 15667, Riverfield, 1564

Physical Address: 57 Kruger Str, Petersfield, Springs, 1559

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Abdul Dasoo (AKE) Retire





Fax to email:

Postal Address:

Physical Address:

Contact IPA

North West

Sarel Kritzinger

Cell: 083 463 3131

PR TEL NR: 018-468-5458

PR FAX NR: 018-468-3291


Postal Address: PO Box 7014, Flamwood, 2570

Physical Address: 4 Sport Street, Flamwood, Klerksdorp 2571

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Dr. Mabowa Makhomisane

Cell: 083 722 0958

PR TEL NR: 015-291-4040

PR FAX NR: 015-291-4130


Postal Address: P O Box 3987, Polokwane, 0700

Physical Address: Metropolitan Building, Shop 20, Cnr Joubert & Thabo Mbeki, Polokwane 0699

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Kobus Meintjies (JW)

Cell: 082 491 1678

PR TEL NR: 017-811-5821

PR FAX NR: 017-819-7831


Fax to e-mail: 0822392551

Postal Address: PO Box 256 , Ermelo, 2350

Physical Address: ALL MED Kliniek, Melmentz Street, Ermelo

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George Aldrich (GW) / Hetna

Cell: 082 494 5713

PR TEL NR: 051-522-9261 (Oranjemed Office)

PR FAX NR: 051-522-9286 (Oranjemed Office)



Fax to e-mail: 0822392559

E-Mail: (Oranjemed Office)

Postal Address: 27 James Scott, Westdene, Bloemfontein, 9301

Physical Address: Cairnhall Hospital, 20 Logemanstr, Universitas, Bloemfontein 9301

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Eastern Cape

Dr Nic Thackwray (N)

082 449 3852

PR TEL NR: 041-450-4849

PR FAX NR: 086 660 2488


Postal Address: PO Box 34969 Newton Park P.E. 6055

Physical Address: 179 Circular Drive, Fairview Port Elizabeth 6001

Jacky Versluis


Contact: 082 449 3852

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Western Cape

Mike Nicholas (ML) / Jenny McQueen

Cell: 082 881 0484

PR TEL NR: 021-434-9741

PR FAX NR: 021-434-3516


Fax to e-mail: 0822392699

Postal Address: 144 Main Road, Sea Point, 8005

Physical Address: 144 Main Road, Sea Point, Cape Town, 8005

Contact IPA


Hugh Akerman (HN)

Cell: 083 631 6105

PR TEL NR: 033-345-8032

PR FAX NR: 033-394-7070



Fax to e-mail: 0822392773

Postal Address: 328 Burger Str, Pietermaritzburg 3201

Physical Address: 328 Burger Str, Pietermaritzburg 3201

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Carel Bouwer (CJ)

Cell: 082 800 0759

PR TEL NR: 014-596-6492

PR FAX NR: 014-596-7499


Postal Address: PO Box 70047, Ridderpark, 0303

Physical Address: 36 Ridder Street, Rustenburg 0299

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Nimpa Healthcare

Hermann Kohlöffel (HJ) / Goodi Lopes

Cell: 082 443 0358

PR TEL NR: 011-214-9000

PR FAX NR: 011-700-6665


Fax to e-mail: 0822392560


Postal Address: PO Box 2967, Northcliff 2115

Physical Address: NHC Health Centre, Honeydew, Cnr Christian de Wet & Dolfyn, Honeydew

Contact IPA


Sarel Kritzinger / Alida

Cell: 083 463 3131

PR TEL NR: 018-468-5458

PR FAX NR: 018-468-3291



Postal Address: PO Box 7014, Flamwood, 2570

Physical Address: 4 Sport Street Flamwood, Klerksdorp 2571

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Bertus Esterhuyse (A) / Diona

Cell: 083 456 5922

PR TEL NR: 016-971-2127 / 016-971-2052

PR FAX NR: 016-971-1654



Postal Address: PO Box 62410 Vaalpark 1948

Physical Address: 2 Van Staden Street Vaalpark 1948

Contact IPA


Eugene Hofmeyr

Cell: 082 456 1226

PR TEL NR: 011-214-1700

PR FAX NR: 086 730 8086


Postal Address: PO Box 2670 Pinegowrie 2123

Physical Address: Nr 16, Willscarlett Ave Cnr. Oak & Willscarlett, Randburg 2123

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Henru Kruger

Cell: 083 627 1711

PR TEL NR: 012-348-8855

PR FAX NR: 012-361-3684


Postal Address: PO Box 35826 Menlo Park 0102

Physical Address: Office 201, Second Floor, The Club Shopping Centre Cnr of Pinaster Avenue and 18th Street, Hazelwood, PRETORIA

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