Practice Insurance

Our speciality is to empower, inform and assist healthcare professionals in providing the most appropriate medical malpractice cover, whilst addressing your specific practice requirements in alignment with our associated providers who understand the economic climate of our country.

  • Occurrence cover
  • Claims made cover
  • Indemnity limits available
  • Extensions
  • Exclusions
  • Extended reporting
  • Are you familiar with your current medical malpractice policy?
  • Are you clear about the type of cover you purchased in terms of occurrence vs claims made?
  • Are you being given peace of mind that each claim will be addressed?
  • Do you know your annual premium increase?
  • Has your policy terms and conditions changed over the last year?
  • Are you aware of the extended benefits, exclusions as well as excesses on your policy?
  • Do you know the renewal date of your policy?
  • And most importantly – are you covered for your next medical malpractice claim?
  • Risk needs analysis: determine the professional’s needs
  • Assist with competitive medical malpractice quotations
  • Recommend ways to mitigate risk and reduce costs
  • Assist with HPCSA guidelines, informed consent and medical record keeping
  • Create a better experience for our professionals by offering exceptional service
  • Assist with claims management and renewal process
  • Offer holistic service to professionals
  • Gain insight into practice deficiencies and address these seamlessly
  • Prepare a bespoke product offering, including value-added services
  • Address the needs and challenges of our valued professionals

We would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss our medical malpractice offering at a time that is convenient for you. We can schedule a face-to-face appointment or an online video consultation.

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