Peer mentorship

ASAIPA has trained peer reviewers headed up by Dr Unben Pillay, ASAIPA’s CEO

Member Assistance

  • Dr George Aldrich provides members with industry advice on various practice matters
  • Mrs Charmaine Storm at ASAIPA’s head office, assists members with operational matters i.e. dispensing licenses, BHF/HPCSA registrations, funders/membership contracts etc.
  • ASAIPA assists members with any legal / regulatory and funder enquiries
  • Mrs Nellie Liebenberg at ASAIPA’s financial office, assists members with financial queries relating to membership and funder contracts etc.

Member Representation

  • Dr Mike Nicholas, ASAIPA EXCO Member, represent ASAIPA members at the Medscheme Forum
  • Dr Unben Pillay represents members at the Discovery Forum
  • ASAIPA represents members at the Free Market Foundation’s Health Policy Unit and SAPPF
  • Several other ASAIPA Chairpersons attend numerous other forums including NCD, BCCC and SAMA
  • Members are assisted and represented by ASAIPA’s Head Office, on and by ad-hoc member requests on various matters coordinated by Dr George Aldrich.