REGISTER Representing the interest of 14 IPA’s, throughout South Africa

What makes ASAIPA unique:

  • ASAIPA has a national footprint in every province throughout South Africa.
  • ASAIPA is a voluntary association of members, and is legally registered as a non-profit organisation.
  • The membership of ASAIPA is via the IPA’s, and the healthcare professionals that are members of their local IPA’s exercise their control via their local IPA’s. ASAIPA is therefor managed from the bottom up.
  • ASAIPA is completely member funded, and therefor acts only in the best interest of its members and nobody else.
  • ASAIPA is one of the largest consumer branded networks of primary care practitioners in South Africa

Why join ASAIPA:

Primary care is under attack from all sides, and somebody must protect primary care practitioners and represent their interests. ASAIPA has a proven track record of more than 10 (ten) years and its sole purpose is to represent all primary healthcare practitioners in independent private practice.
Although all ASAIPA’s members remain independent, it is essential to be part of a multi-disciplinary group and referral network of practitioners that can coordinate care, and act as a collective in dealing with matters of mutual importance. The ongoing current nationalization of healthcare, is going to bring even more challenges, and therefore it is now more important than ever to unite around primary care in South Africa.

Our Vision

The Alliance of South African Independent Practitioners Associations (ASAIPA), intends to remain the most trusted, effective and the pre-eminent National Representative Network organisation for IPA’s in Southern Africa.


Dr. Unben Pillay – CEO

(ASAIPA Head Office, Pretoria)

Mr. Henru Krüger – COO

(ASAIPA Head Office, Pretoria)

Dr George Aldrich – Chairman

(Oranjemed IPA, Bloemfontein)

Mr. Hermann Kohlöffel

(Nimpa Healthcare, Honeydew)

Dr. Mike Nicholas

(Western Cape IPA, Cape Town)


Charmaine Storm

P/A to CEO

Nellie Liebenberg


ASAIPA’s track record:

in 2013/2014:

  • ASAIPA made strongly worded submissions to the HPCSA on both the fixing of tariffs for General/Family Practitioners as well as the then following proposal for the establishing of a Tariff Committee
  • ASAIPA made a detailed thirty-seven-page submission through the IPA Foundation to the Healthcare Inquiry of the Competition Commission on the issues relating to cost and quality of primary healthcare and General/Family Practitioners
  • ASAIPA together with dr Wessel Neuhoff lodged a class action complaint with the Public Protector on behalf of all General/Family Practitioners that have missed the HPCSA registration process for doctors with the M.Prax.Med, M.Fam.Med or similar qualifications to be able to register as specialist family physicians
  • ASAIPA attended the six-week Operation Phakisa Workshop arranged by the Office of the President to fast track the delivery of
  • NHI through the Ideal Clinic initiative and represented the interests of the General/Family Practitioners in private practice during the duration of the discussions

in 2015:

  • ASAIPA obtained legal advice and has adopted a commercial model on behalf of its members relating to:
    • Split billing and balance billing
    • Direct payment arrangements
    • Low cost options and prescriptive treatments
    • Protocols and formularies
    • Market dominance and anti-competitive actions
    • Collective bargaining and Cost saving kickbacks / incentives
  • ASAIPA listed all its members on the NHC consumer branded platform, making it the single largest branded network of General/Family practitioners in South Africa
  • ASAIPA has successfully represented members in forensic investigations saving the members thousands of Rands and ensuring that other members will not be held responsible for similar incidents where the medical scheme claws back on all previous claims submitted
  • ASAIPA is busy through the IPA Foundation to challenge the BHF, HPCSA & the CMS on the way that they regulate General/Family practitioners that gets paid for treating medical scheme members
  • ASAIPA has listed and updated all ASAIPA members on Medpages where they are now geomapped making them much more visible to patients and funders alike
  • ASAIPA has membership with human rights and business rights organisations that fight for ASAIPA members’ civil and business rights
  • ASAIPA is a member of the National dispensing coalition and assists members with dispensing licence matters
  • ASAIPA met with the current minister of health, dr Aaron Motsoaledi as well as the shadow minister of health for the DA, dr Wilmot James, in Nov 2015 to hear the DA’s view on the impending NHI. ASAIPA’s doors are open with government and the opposition, and although ASAIPA is not politically aligned, we are gathering as much information as we can for our members’ interests.
    • ASAIPA represents its members on all the major medical schemes and administrators’ general practitioner forums
    • ASAIPA assisted members with the renewal of dispensing licences, HPCSA registration and PCNS renewals
    • ASAIPA is in constant negotiations with stakeholders to open up new earning opportunities for its members

in 2016:

  • ASAIPA has started engaging with Medscheme, Discovery and GEMS on issues affecting ASAIPA members since January 2016, and is hard at work in trying to resolve all of them. Some major problems with Bankmed, Polmed and GEMS have been resolved and others are still ongoing
  • ASAIPA is in the process to do practice cost studies and practice accreditation in preparation for the looming NHI requirements
  • ASAIPA is still actively engaging on NHI issues
  • ASAIPA is also looking into the payment of VAT on medical services and the exemption of essential services requirements, and has made a submission through the IPA Foundation to the Health Market Inquiry on this issue
  • ASAIPA is again looking into recruiting all primary care professionals as members in order to set up multi-disciplinary practices and referral networks


  1. ASAIPA attended Operation Phakisa and has inside details on the Ideal Clinic Model
  2. ASAIPA has been engaging with the NDOH on the contracting of private General/Family Practitioner's and has attended all the info sessions
  3. ASAIPA has attended the first work stream meeting and will attend those to follow
  4. ASAIPA has also contributed to submissions made by business rights organisations on the NHI White Paper
  5. ASAIPA has also through the IPA Foundation made submissions to the Health Market Inquiry pertaining to NHI
  6. ASAIPA is working towards bringing its members in line for registration, accreditation and contracting when NHI comes into play
  7. ASAIPA is also actively busy with determining practice cost/profitability and looking at alternative practice models especially a capitated model
  8. There has been much consideration of the Certificate of Need
  9. ASAIPA's members are listed in both the consumer space and the medical industry and have been geomapped. Our member base is verified and updated and can be matched to the burden of disease on the District Health Information System